Unitherm FTC 90I


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Refr.Incubator, temp.range: +3°C to 50°C, digital, RS232, with sec.door.
90 liters. Refrigerated Incubators. This very complete and advanced equipments are intended for different laboratory uses: incubation of microorganism cultures, preservation of samples, determination of enzymatic activities and all uses requiring precise and constant temperatures.
The continuous internal air circulation and the thermostating, microprocessor controlled AUTO-TUNING system guarantee an extremely high temperature stability in the internal chamber. The internal temperature is programmed and displayed digitally.
A dedicated software compatible with the WINDOWS operating systems can be supplied upon request allowing the connection of the incubator to a personal computer by an RS232 port.
Software features are: Selection of the set points, Recording of the internal temperature values on an EXCEL file and displaying in graphic form, Signalling and recording any accidental overheating, failure of the probe or deviation from the set temperature range, Usage of programmable temperature and time work cycles.