Mini-Incubador 4010


Categoría: Código SKU: MI-4010


For incubations that demand exactly reproducible temperatures, for tempering, warming and drying. Microprocessor controlled temperature regulation with PI control. Digital temperature setting and display. Temperature range: +20°C to +60°C, approx. 8°C above ambient to +60°C. Electronic over-temperature cut-out, dependent on the set temperature. Thermostatic over-temperature cut-out protects the heating element. Exceeding of set temperature induces optical alarm, heating switches off. Electronic monitoring. In case of fault, cause is reported on LED display. Rapid heat-up. Specially developed circulation system ensures optimum temperature distribution. Soft touch keys with characteristic symbols. Two-finger operation prevents unintentional alterations of the set temperature. Robust, see-through plexiglass cover. Removable perforated tray and drip tray made of stainless steel.


GFL Gesellschaft für Labortec