Unihood 650


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This portable incubation hood can be mounted on all laboratory equipments such as shakers, magnetic stirrers, water baths etc. Wherever you will need it. As the hood ist made out of transparent perspex, you have an excellent control and view to your samples. We assure a constant temperature from ambient to +60°C with an accuracy of+/-0,2°C.Over temperature protection and microprocessor control with readout are standards. As an option we offer a cooling coil system with our UNITHERM 4/14 Recirculating Chiller to drop the chamber temperature down to +8°C in reference to the ambient temperature of 20°C. The device use dinsideis connected through an adapter in the rear of the UNIHOOD so that you can switch it on/off on the front switchboard. Three walls are made of steel.

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