Unitherm 12/24


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UNITHERM 12/24 Hybridization oven.The UNITHERM 12/24 Hybridization oven’s unique fan assisted airflow system circulates air evenly and continuously, delivering excellent temperature uniformity throughout the oven chamber. This system ensures fast recovery of chamber temperature after a door opening. The digital set/digital read P.I.D. microprocessor temperature controller maximizes rapid heat-up of the oven. An over-temperature safety (OTP) is automatically set by the microprocessor at 1.0 deg C above setpoint. In the unlikely event of a microprocessor failure, a thermal cutoff will shut off the power to the heating elements.
Offering high performance with precise temperature control, safety, and convenience. Our narrow frontal profile provides the added benefit of conserving precious benchtop space, while still allowing for the convenience of a twelve bottle (300mm) capacity carousel. A variable speed control optimizes the speed of rotation for a particular probe. The 0-15 RPM range permits hybridization and washing at different speeds of rotation at the touch of a dial. A separate jogging switch has been included to allow you to incrementally rotate (JOG) the carousel for easy loading and unloading.