DNA HybriMax


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The Fastest Hybridization System Flow-through Hybridization Technology. By directing the flow of the targeting molecules towards the immobilized probes it enables rapid hybridization. HybriMAX is based on our invention flow-through hybridization principle which is designed for the fastest, cleanest and the most affordable method to carry out any type of nucleic acid and protein hybridization.
Flow-through hybridization technology: Actively directing the targeting molecules towards the immobilized probes within the membrane fibers, the complementary molecules will be hybridized and form duplexes, at the same time any unbound molecules will be removed by passing through the membrane. Hence, it speeds up the interaction between the complementary molecules, thus reducing the hybridization time from hours down to minutes and resulting in hundred times faster then traditional passive hybridization methods.
HybriMAX is tailor made for an improved platform for enhancing molecular interaction occurs in three-dimensional volumes rather than the conventional two-dimensional surface. HybriMAX requires much less samples and reagent volumes hence reducing the running cost. HybriMAX provides optional conditions for hybridization, transfer, blotting and washing procedure.
Additionally, it can be used as a thermal block and incubator chamber for glass slides.
Revolutionized Piece of Molecular Biology Tool.
The novelty of HybriMAX is that it can provide the controlled conditions critical for the hybridization process which can be universally applied to all cases applicable to conventional Southern, Northern, Western, Dot Blot, Slot Blot and Reversed Dot Blot techniques. Moreover, nucleic acid probes, antibodies or antigens can be deposited into the membrane to create a low density format that is used to carry out analysis of multiple probes in parallel.