Unimag IR


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The brand new Lab Solution, which represents a revolutionary step in Vortexing concept. Based on optic technology, UNIMAG IR is provided with an innovative operational mode (“Sensor”), absolutely unique on the market. As “Sensor” mode is selected, an infrared system (IR) detects the presence of the test tube and automatically the vibration is activated. There is no need to apply pressure by the lab technician in order to activate and maintain the vibration. Thank to this innovation, the work load on lab technician is drastically reduced resulting less wrist tension. No more pressure, no more stress. Vortex IR operates in the traditional (“Continuous” mode) as well, which combined with the use of a wide range of accessories (on request), makes this equipment fit for most diversified applications.
“UNIMAG IR” is featured by a low profile and ergonomic design which further enhances the lab bench stability. The advanced technology results the best performances in terms of speed (max 3000rpm) and precision. The electric Protection Degree is the highest on vortex mixer market (IP 42) which ensures the user best safety level and equipment life expectancy.
Vortex “Wizard” is a Patent Pending Solution.
Speed range: 0-3000 rpm, Orbital diameter: 4.5mm. Dimensions: (lxwxh) 180x220x70mm. Weight: 2,4 kg.