Semi-Dry Blotters V10-SDB


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These units like the wet blotters / electroblotters, can be used for western, southern and northern blotting. Scie-plas manufacture two sizes of Semi-Dry Blotter, 10 x 10cm and 20 x 20cm. The 10 x 10cm unit is unique to the Scie-Plas product range and provides the most inexpensive Semi dry blotting option available. These units provide all the now well established advantages of Semi-Dry Blotters including very fast transfer times using very little buffer. The Scie-Plas Semi-Dry Blotter contains long life, corrosion resistant electrodes. The Anode is made from platinised titanium and the cathode from stainless steel making the units virtually corrosion free. Other Semi-Dry blotters contain Carbon electrodes, which corrode leading to pits in their surface. Pitted electrodes do not contact the gel sandwiches evenly during blotting and result in uneven transfer and poor results. Carbon electrodes can also put carbon deposits on the membranes. To increase capacity, especially useful with the 10 x 10cm Semi-Dry Blotter, the gel- membrane sandwiches can be stacked and dialysis membrane placed in between the individual gel-membrane stacks. All Scie-Plas Semi-Dry Blotters are supplied with adapters to ensure power supply compatibility.


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