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MASTERBLOT. Vacuum Blotter & Dot Blotter
Vacuum blotting is the method of choice for the transfer of nucleic acids onto an immobilizing membrane. It is a very careful method – in contrast to diffusion´s blotting and electroblotting – and needs a minimum of time – in contrast to all other blotting methods. The transfer of nucleic acids is very effective. A direct comparison of vacuum blotting and capillary blotting shows this very clearly by much better hybridization signals. In addition the setup of the blot is absolutely simple.

Built-in manometer. For gel sizes up to 20×25 cm. Adjustable controlled vacuum. Transparent plexiglass chamber. Big buffer reservoir (upper ca. 1.5 l, lower ca. 2.7 l). Oil free rotary vane vacuum pump with controlled power.
For the vacuum blotting method a vacuum blotter is needed which produces a regulated low pressure (incorrectly called vacuum) of 200 to 400 Pa in order to avoid collapsing of the gel matrix.
The oil free rotary vane pump of our MASTERBLOT system produces exactly these conditions for running an optimal vacuum blotting procedure. The transfer procedure is time saving (max. 1h) and without back-transfer (quantitative). The bands become much sharper and resolution is much higher.
Further needs for running an vacuum blot procedure: Washing bottle, 500 ml. Tubing set + T-fitting. Filter paper (S&S GB002). Transfer membrane (S&S Nytran). Plastic gasket. Required chemicals.