MSH-300 Bio


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MSH-300 Bio is an advanced modification of MSH-300. The new model provides digital set up and control of temperature and speed (simultaneous set and actual readings). Massive heating plate of aluminum provides even heat transfer to the working surface and stable temperature maintenance. (Attention! Alkali can damage aluminium surfaces).
The new intelligent mixing control includes:
•automatic maximum speed detection depending on actual parameters (liquid viscosity, volume, vessel shape, size of stirring element).
• Easy set-up and control
Convenient and easy to use magnetic stirrer with heating for routine procedures in organic synthesis, environmental laboratories, and general type laboratory work.
• Speed range: 100-1250 RPM
• Stirring volume: up to 2 l
• Temperature range: +30-330°C
• Working plate heating: till 330°C in 20 min
• Continuous operation: max. 12 hrs
• Working plate size: – Ø160 mm
• Consumed power (mixing mode): 8.5 W
• Consumed power (heating mode): 600 W
Delivery includes cylinder-shape magnetic stirring element (6×25 mm) for universal use, encapsulated in PTFE