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For hybridisations and incubations that demand exactly reproducible temperatures. Microprocessor controlled temperature regulation with PI control. Digital temperature setting and display. Temperature range: +20°C to +60°C, approx. 8°C above ambient to +60°C. Electronic over-temperature cut-out, dependent on the set temperature. Thermostatic over-temperature cut-out protects the heating element. Exceeding of set temperature induces optical alarm, heating switches off. Electronic monitoring. In case of fault, cause is reported on LED display. Rapid heat-up. Specially developed circulation system ensures optimum temperature distribution. Soft touch keys with characteristic symbols. Two-finger operation prevents unintentional alterations of the set temperature. Robust, see-through plexiglass cover. Tube rolling rack consists of four parallel support rods with rubber rings. The two outer support rods can be changed without tools. Hybridisation tubes with diameters from 32 mm to 76 mm can be placed between the rubber rings single or in pairs (even with different diameters); two roller tubes for cell cultures of 110 mm diameter and 285 mm length can be inserted. 12 rotations per minute (fixed number).


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