Fireboy plus


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Mobile bunsen burner with non-touch sensor ignition. Based on sensor technology, the flame ignites in a non-touch mode. Unintentional ignitions do not happen; the reaction range of the infrared sensor is clearly defined. High laboratory safety because no pilot flame is used. Safe and reliable through excess-temperatureprotec-tion, flame monitor and alarm display. The Fireboy plus is a mobile bunsen burner with non-touch sensor ignition. If equipped with the adapter for gas cartridges and rechargeable battery the Fireboyplus can be used where ever you wish, safely. Alter-natively, it can be connected to a permanent power and gas supply. Dimensions (LxHxD) in mm: 70x90x180. Power supply: Operation with 14 VAC adapter or with rechargeable 7.2 V battery. Nozzles: Series-fitted with 3 nozzles for propane / butane (P), town gas (M) and natural gas (N).


IBS Integra Biosciences AG