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Our elegant and highly efficient lamps are provided in three different wavelengths: 254, 312, 365 nm or combined.
A unique filter minimizes white light interference allowing you to easily detect weak fluorescence.
Power ranges from a single 4w tube up to 100-watt tubes. Lamps include long-life filter with unlimited life for 312 and 365 nm and 3000 hours for 254 nm.
Key features:
Easy to handle. Single or dual wavelength. Long life filter. High UV output. Unique reflector for optimum UV irradiance. Anodised aluminium housing for increased durability. Lamp stand or holder to add versatility. The simple touch of a switch to change the wavelength.

Especifications: Tubes 1×8 watt, Wavelength 365 nm., Intensity at 15 cm. (uW/cm2) 720.


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