Unimag ZX3


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Available in two versions: with continuous operation and possibility of changing the frequency of vibration (type Zx3) . When the switch is placed in “manual” position the unit starts immediately by a slight pressure on the neoprene pick-up attachment (Ø 55 mm) and it stops automatically by lifting the test tube. With the switch in “continuous” position, the mixing action is independent from pressing; stirring frequency can be varied fron 0 to 40 Hz by a switch located on front panel. The planning of the unit structure made by aluminium casting and the sucker feet habe been carefully studied in order to obtain a well fixed apparatus and high stability to avoid vibration transmission to the working bench. Painting with epoxy painted studied and tested in ordder to give to the instument an excellent resistence to attacks from chemical agents, mechanical and corrosion in general.

Technical specifications: Vortex ZX3 Classic. Power (W)45. Speed:0-40HZ. Weight (kg):2. Dimensions, WxHxL (mm):150x134x150.
Accessories: Stand for microtiter plate,stand for 25×1,5/2,0ml tubes, Supporting plate.