Unijet IV


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The UNIJET IV is the first Refrigerated Aspirator Vacuum Pump where you can control the vacuum pressure.
TheUNIJET II and UNIJET IV are designed for absorbing larger quantitiesofsolvents, specially in combination with rotary evaporators. TheUNIJETII/IV has a built-in cooling system to chill the waterbath andtoeliminate normal heat-up caused by pump operation. Cold water hasahigh capacity to absorb aerosols which are released by the samples.The vacuum that is generated depends on the temperature of the water:thelower the temperature, the higher the vacuum; at +3°C a vacuumpressureof ca. 3mbar is attainable.

Energy saving and environmentally safe vacuum system. Controlling of the vacuum pressure. Strong vacuum is created by pumping water through four Teflon ventury jets. Teflon jets are designed for increase of 99% chemical resistance. Final vacuum 4 mbar at 4°C water temperature. Refrigerated water bath 10 liters capacity. Extremely quiet operation and fuzzy logic function. Spends vacuum for Vacuum Concentrators, Geldryers, Blotters and… No oil needed, only 8 liters water. Analog vaccum gauge.

Air flow : UNIJET IV = 95 liter/min.(4 Jets). Residual pressure: 4 mbar at 4°C. Power: 500W. Weight: 38 kg. Dimensions (wxdxh): 326x438x638mm.