Unigeldryer 3545


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The UNIGELDRYER has an efficient, large drying surface that can dry both nucleic acid agarose gels and protein acrylamide gels or sequencing gels without trimming. The gels will be bond to porous cellophane or filter paper for handling, storage, and auto-radiography. During the course of drying, gels will flatten out and attain the smooth, shiny surface characteristic of a well preserved gel.
The aluminium made surface and the steel housing are powder-painted for excellent chemical resistance. The scintered polyethylene sheet is designed for use as a gel support. A transparent silicone gasket cover maintains a vacuum-tight seal against the heating surface.
A time and temperature control unit allows the setting of temperature and heating time according to the requirements of the user.

Controls: Microprocessor control – 999 min. Temperature range from RT+5K to +85°C. Vacuum control valve.
Dimensions: 495x485x85mm., Power: 220 Volt / 110 Volt, Heater power: 600 Watt., Drying surface: 450x350mm.