Trehalosa el azúcar bueno – Grado alimenticio


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Trehalosa el azúcar bueno – Grado alimenticio

Precio por saco de 20 kg.

• Trehalose 100% Pure , Food Grade Manufactured in Japan by Hayashibara
• Trehalose is a multi-functional sugar. Its mild sweetness (45% sucrose), low cariogenicity, low hygroscopicity, high freezing-point depression, high glass transition temperature and protein protection properties are all of immense benefit to food technologists. Trehalose is fully caloric, has no laxative effects and after ingestion is broken down in the body to glucose. It has a moderate glycemic index with low insulinemic response
• Trehalose, like other sugars may be used without restriction in a wide range of food products including beverages, chocolate & sugar confectionery, bakery products, frozen foods, breakfast cereals and dairy products.