Thrombocyte shaker Model 60


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Instrumentos de acero inoxidable con bandejas independientes, capacidad de cada una: 6 bolsas. Con interruptor incorporado y una alarma acústica de parada para evitar accidentes. Son silenciosos y robustos.

The Thrombocyte shaker for a long life time and reliable operation
Our Thrombocyte shaker series can be used as stand alone devices or in combination with our Climax climatic chamber series to secure a temperature of 22°C.
The flatbed agitator keeps your thrombocytes in motion.
-Upper section moves over 30mm at ~60 strokes at 50Hz / ~72 stokes at 60Hz per minute
•Every shelf has a capacity of 6 bags (for models 24, 48 and 60)
•Every shelf has a capacity of 12 bags (for model 96)
•Built in drawer stopper prevents accidental falling out
•Designed in stainless steel
•Each drawer can be operated independently from other drawers
•Designed for silent and reliable long time use