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Thermostat TDB-120 is designed for maintaining constant temperature of samples in tubes inserted in the aluminum block sockets. Unprecedented high precision and uniformity of temperature over the block. It is widely used for PCR-analysis.
• Temperature range +25° – +120°C
• Temperature stability 0.1°C
• Temperature setting: digital
• Digital timer 1 min – 96 hr for sample thermostating control
• Simultaneous indication of set and actual temperature and time
• Two models are available offering a choice of tube configurations to meet the needs of many standard laboratory procedures:
with A-53 block for 21 x 0.5 ml + 32 x 1.5 ml microtubes
with A-103 block for 21 x 0.5 ml + 32 x 1.5 ml + 50 x 0.2 ml microtubes