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Camera, zoom, F-590 filter, with CN-1100 darkroom including: BLUE Light table

The new standard of gel documentation for nucleic acid and protein gels. Images ready for publication and quantification in an instant. Compact design, inexpensive.
The new QUANTUM ST4-1000 offers an optimized complete package based on the newly developed, highly sensitive ‘scientific grade’ 16-Bit USB2 camera with 1.4 megapixels resolution. Best performance for nucleic acid and protein images is guaranteed. The data generated can be printed out or stored on the PC and be further analysed.
The darkroom CN-1000 offers quality in a compact design, equibable also with Super-Bright illumination and filter technology. The integrated UV transilluminator is extendable for comfortable preparative work.
The intuitive QUANTUM-Capt image acquisitions software is the result of many years of experience in the developement of software. She guides the user through all necessary settings, images with optimum exposure can be taken by one mouse click. Thus, quantifiable data of highest possible quality are generated fast and easily. Basic modules for molecular weight analysis, quantification and R(f) analyses and for colony counting are integrated.
More extensive analysis software can be integrated without problems.
Your benefits:
* Newly developed b/w CCD camera on basis of the highly sensitive Sony ICX sensor with HAD technology for high-contrast images even of weak bands
* 16-bit pixel depth and 1.4 megapixels resolution
* Autofocus camera available
* Integrated, fully extendable UV transilluminator for comfortable preparative work


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