Proline Manual (8-ch, 5-50 ul, Hard Tip Cone)


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Smooth plunger action and simple in-lab recalibration and service with each of our manually-operated pipettors.
Proline Single-Channel Pipettors
Ranging from 0,1 µl to 5 ml Biohit Proline adjustable and fixed volume pipettors deliver the full benefits of ergonomic design as well as pinpoint precision and accuracy (ISO 8655). Choose from the largest range in the world. Each pipettor is supplied with a calibration tool and a convenient lab bench pipettor holder. Pipettors >10 µl are equipped with a changeable protective filter to prevent liquids and aerosols entering the pipettor. Five extra filters and forceps are packed with each pipettor. Detachable pipetting buttons allow you to colour-code all your Proline pipettors and, thus, to better organise your lab. Five additional buttons of different colour are packed with each pipettors.

Proline Multichannel Pipettors
The soft-sealing tip cones, stepped ejection and the light weight of the Biohit Proline multichannel pipettors ranging from 0,5 to 300 µl provide a combination for true single-handed operation. Smooth plunger action ensures comfortable handling with or without gloves. Integral stepped ejection mechanism guarantees true one-handed tip ejection. Tip cone elastomers to ensure light sealing and ejection of tips. Black tip cones for easy visual check of tight sealing of tips. Light weight for ease of use. Free rotation of the dispensing head for ensuring optimal position in pipetting and ejecting tips.