mLINE Manual (1-ch, 20-200 ul)


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Biohit’s new pipettor family – the mLINE single and multichannel pipettors – offers unigue combination of novel and patented features in an attractive design. mLINE ensures pipetting always starts with constant force regardless of the volume. This siginficantly improves pipetting accuracy and precision, especially with low volumes. Thermal insulation fo the internal components improves both accuracy and reproducibility.
The mLINE single and multichannel pipettors cover the full range of 0.5 – 5000 µl.
mLINE Pipettors offer:Patented plunger technology results in the lowest pipetting force, Opti-load tip mounting with constant force, Optimal tip sealing and minimum tip ejection force, Fully autoclavable, A clear and easy-to-read display with big numbers and small increments, Stepless volume adjustment is light and fast, Patended locking mechanism preventing accidental volume changes during pipetting, Volume range colour coding for easy pipettor selection, Built-in replacable tip cone filters help prevent contamination, 5 colour coding caps.