MEGA BIO-PRINT-1100/26M X-Press


Camera, zoom, F-590 filter, with CN-1100 darkroom including: 26.M UV table model 8W 21 x 26 cm

Bio-Print is a powerful combination of image acquisition technology, highly sensitive CCD camera and intuitive software.
The image acquisition and the analysis software are fully integrated to visualize, save and quantify your samples quickly and confidently.
The menu-oriented system makes it very easy to use: just few clicks are necessary to obtained sophisticate results.

Key Features
* PC based system for easy archiving and analysis
* Sensitivity heightened by integration time
* Highly sensitive CCD camera
* Publication and analysis of quality images
* Free software for image documentation, enhancement and analysis
* Unique Vilber Lourmat filter for precise imaging and superior result; optional motorized zoom
* Pixel saturation warning
* Compact and robust darkroom

Camera and Optics
* Monochrome scientific grade camera
* Realtime and integration time
* 8-bit, 256 gray levels
* No software modification of the pixel depth
* 752 × 582 = 437664 pixels
* High sensitivity (0.00001 lux); 0.01ng of Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) stained DNA
* Scientific grade zoom
* Optional motorized zoom
* F590 UV/IR interference filter for most common DNA gels; other filters available

Image Acquisition
* Realtime mode / exposure time
* Exclusive Image Master System for optimum imaging control
* GLP compliance
* Positive / negative image acquisition
* Grid display for easy horizontal and vertical gel positioning
* Pixel by pixel saturation warning
* User’s personal configuration file
Image Analysis
* Molecular weight
* Volume calculation
* Distance calculation (RF)
* Colony counting
Image Enhancement
* Editing of comments and symbols
* Date, time or image name stamping
* Brightness and contrast adjustment
* Multi colored overlay
* Image inversion
* Image rotation


Vilber Lourmat