ETX Table ETX-35.L


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ETX transilluminator is a new 15-watt transilluminator based on an electronic ballast developed by Vilber Lourmat. Its 25 000 Hz high frequency provides a supreme light stability and avoids the usual flickering effect. Accordingly, your gel visualization and gel documentation is strongly improved.
The transilluminator heat is considerably reduced, avoiding the use of extra cooling fan and thus reducing the noise. Thanks to its very high UV output, the transilluminator provides more signal compare to a standard 8-watt transilluminator.

Key features:
High UV output. Electronic ballast / Microprocessor controled. No flickering effect thanks to its 25KHz high frequency. Unnecessary cooling due to the electronic control. Weight reduction. The same model can be used from 100 to 240 volt and from 50 to 60Hz without any intervention. Reduced electrical consumption. Unlimited filter life expectancy for 312 and 365nm. Ondulex® reflector. Adjustable UV safety screen. Stainless steel frame.

Especifications: High/Low intensity. 365 nm. Filter 200×350 mm. Tubes 6×15 watt. Intensity 7000 (uW/cm2).


Vilber Lourmat