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Including Imaging Process and software, Camera, zoom, F-590 filter, Hood.

Basic system for gel documentation. Compact design, ease of use also without PC. For laboratories with budget in mind.
USB CAMERA : 1.4 Mp / 12 Bits
The completely PC-independent DOC-Print systems are designed for easy gel documentation. Due to an integrated ‘Compact Flash Media’ drive, images can nevertheless be stored and edited comfortably at any computer. For immediate print-out of the images a thermal printer can be connected. The mobile hood with firmly installed camera fits on all Vilber Lourmat 8 watt ECX or 15 Watt ETX transilluminators.
The intuitive Photo-Capt image acquisition software contains basic modules for molecular weight analysis, quantification and R(f) analyses and for colony counting.
Your benefits:
* No PC required
* Large 15 cm-LCD display
* Modern and convenient ‘Compact Flash Media’ drive
* Print-outs with every printer with ‘Compact Flash Reader’ or through a directly connected thermal printer
* Cost-effective solution for daily gel documentation
* Can be placed space-saving on every bench
* Free analysis software PHOTOCAPT
* GLP file


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