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For DNA/RNA decontamination at the laboratory working place for maximum aseptic conditions.
Bench-top model constructed from 10 mm Plexiglas with stainless steel painted working area and digital timer control of UV exposure. Two 15 W UV-lamp decrease contamination levels during 15-30 min of UV exposure. White 1 x 15W lamp provides local illumination of working area and guarantees good conditions for visual control of operations.
Equipped with a flowing bactericidal air recirculator (model UVR-M), which provides constant decontamination inside the box. It is advisable for use when working with dangerous infectious and virus materials and whenever the requirements for sterile conditions are stronger. UV-recirculator consists of a UV lamp, fan and dust filters organized in a special box for maximum increasing (1000 x fold) the density of UV-light leading sufficiently to effective DNA/RNA inactivation. UV-recirculator generates 100 volumes of the DNA/RNA UV-cleaner box per 1 hour air flow exchange giving maximum aseptic conditions inside the box.

• LED Time controller of UV exposure 0-24 hr/non-stop
General characteristics: Overall dimensions 690 x 515 x 565 mm., Weight 27 kg., Power supply 230V, 50/60 Hz.