Combi-Light EXCL-20.WL


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The Combi-Light is a powerful combination of a UV transilluminator and of two versatile side arm lamps.
It offers several wavelengths in transmitted or reflected mode, making it perfect for various application such as DNA agarose or TLC visualisation. For enhanced versatility, the two side arms are equipped with independent switches for each tube.
Together with the UV transilluminator, it enables any combination of UV lighting in the three wavelengths: 254nm, 312nm or 365nm. The Combi-light can also be equipped with a white-light table for visualisation of protein gels.
Key features:
Long life filter. Ondulex® reflector. High UV output. Stainless steel frame. Dual intensity switch (70% – 100%). Each side arms includes 1 x 8-watt 254 nm lamp, 1 x 8-watt 365 nm lamp and 1 x 8-watt white light lamp.

Especifications: Tubes 6×15 watt, White light, Filter size 200×200.


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